Monday, May 22, 2006

Trade in the Festrian Empire

Meta: I'm going strict book 2 for Trade, and making the following assumptions:

1) Starports are established by the worlds they're on, or by the interstellar government under which they fall, and maintain extraterritoriality, monitored by the TAS.

2) The passenger & cargo tables in book 2 indicate the fares available for a given route, on a given week, for a particular ship. There may be more, or not: on major routes, it's assumed that these results are the drips and drabs of interstellar trade. On minor routes, it might represent the whole of the planet's commerce.

3) The prices for passages and cargo are as stated in Book 2. The result is that private trade is only really profitable at J-1, and that government subsidies or significant startup funds are necessary for J-2 and J-3 merchant runs. This does not rule out special negotiations, but by and large the market's matured so that cr10,000 is what the market'll bear, and that the TAS monitors pricing to keep it from fluctuating.

4) Speculative trade's legality is extremely variable from world to world. See my later post on the topic of customs/smuggling/punishments.

5) The trade rules hold true throughout human space, and not just within the Festrian Empire - trade is primed by the Scouts, smoothed by the TAS, executed by the Merchants, and regulated (and occasionally predated upon) by various Navies. Oh, and Pirates. Lots.


Blogger KenHR said...

Took me a while to assimilate the rules. I like the idea, though; it has a very "gritty" real life feel that's in keeping with the frontier-type atmosphere you seem to be aiming for in the Empire.

I just might pinch this system from you! While Arkad is a little more shiny than the Festrian Empire, I want to focus on the grit hiding beneath the gleam. This would be one way to do that.

Interesting idea for non-Imperial starports, too. It makes sense, given your setting premisses. I'm really liking where you're taking this so far.

7:08 AM  
Blogger MTU: The Festrian Empire said...

Feel free to pinch it! Again, I'm trying to keep it as consonant with the existing rules as possible: let me know if you see places it ought to be streamlined.

8:10 AM  

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