Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Much Pirates On The Brain

Perhaps, because their presence/absence/behavior has such an effect on how the rest of the TU is viewed. How are they viewed? How do they get their ships? How do they supply themselves?

Trying this on for size: Supposing - as I've begun to - that the Interstellar Government considered its worlds to be limited to full participants in the interstellar economy: basically, A or B ports, those worlds with TAS offices, high ports and so on. The lesser worlds, with ports for trade, but who did not have the ability or will to produce jump-capable ships themselves, aren't part of the IG. They're Old Empire Barbarians.

So first off, you've got your navy protecting the homeworlds against incursions, and delivering punitive blows against worlds powerful enough to be real threats. You'll have occasional patrols keeping tabs on who those are. And you'll have scouts out among them, trying to coax them in.

But the IG isn't protecting them. In fact, nobles and entrepreneurs of the IG may choose to actively prey on them. Hence the presence of pirates. Out there in the Barbarian worlds, who's to say who's shooting at whom? And for refitting and resupply, the pirates just go home to their IG world, pay their patrons their cut, and resupply.

Kinda like the situation in H.B. Piper's Space Viking.

ETA: Which all goes on: why are these local worlds so backwards compared to their high tech neighbors? Because the high tech neighbors LIKE it that way.

And why aren't there Pirates operating in worlds with A or B ports? Don't shit where you eat. Also, the Navy's there.

Why don't the nearby worlds with enough tech to have starships have A or B ports, and fleets and stuff? Because the
IG Navy will get the drop on them, knock the highport out of the sky and rain fire on the world's cities, and nobody wants that.

Why do those worlds a few more parsecs away still have their B and A ports and fleets and stuff?
Maybe they've got a treaty signed. Maybe it's powerful enough to defend against an
IG task force. Maybe there's an IG task force on the way right now.

Why do those tiny little worlds with tiny populations have A or B ports, over there? Outposts. Maybe they have something that the
IG needs on a regular basis, so they've upgraded the facilities, knowing the population's not enough to be a threat. Why are you asking so many questions? What are you, a spy?


Blogger Craig A. Glesner said...

Really sir, "spy" is such a dirty word, we prefer the term "Intelligence Agent". :p

9:59 PM  
Blogger Festeria said...

Only a lousy Psion would twist the words that way. GET OUT OF MY MIND! *panicked screams*

My captcha word today is Priatich, which I take to be the proper title of a high priest of Priapus. Hugh Hefner, for instance.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Craig A. Glesner said...

*laughter* But Psionics make some of the best Intelligence Agents. :p

Yeah, I can see that, I think I might have to swipe that one. Mine is boring "narry"

5:14 PM  

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