Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hit and Missile

Dancing around with Book 2 and Mayday, again, and remembering why I switched to High Guard.

I love the idea of vector movement, even in hex format.

It's just that GDW never really sorted out a good, simple missile rule for it. The Special Supplement on missiles added complexity, contradictions and typos instead.

High Guard abstracts EVERYTHING, to be sure, but it does so in a way that a) you don't need to take over a whole table or floor to map out a simple fight and b) it does, definitely make basic combat a simple matter - including the possibility of escape and avoidance in many cases.

So I don't know. Talking with the boys on COTI about it.


One thing I'm definitely inclined to do, should I revert to High Guard for battles, is keep track of missile expenditure. In small fights, that's more than possible. It makes sense in all sorts of ways.


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