Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I'm leaving that last post to show the thought process, but I just galvanized myself.

I've been GMing since I was 12.

I'm 36.

I don't need no steenking supplements. I don't need no steenking book 4,5,6,7,32,hike.

If it ain't in LBB123, and I need it to be there, I'll make it up. I'll draw terminology from classic SF, or from the world around me: where that terminology matches up with other books, so be it. But I'm coming up with my own mechanics based on what I see called for. If discrepancies in the rules plague me, I'll see what other folks have done for ideas - but mine are as good as anyone elses I've seen so far, Dammit.

As I thought out in the last post, for instance, all that heavy military hardware from book 4 is way deadlier than an adventure party is going to be able to survive head-on. So I don't need to worry too much about mechanics of it: when I do, then I can figure it out. I like the term Autocannon: So did H Beam Piper. So do present-day weapons manufacturers: So I don't feel bad about using that terminology, even though book 4 does too.

I thought up the term "Rotolaser" right on the spot. That's a pretty cool infantry support weapon, and I bet given the term you can figure out pretty much how it works.

I don't need anything else.

LBB123 all the way down, baby.

The Festrian Empire is MY TRAVELLER UNIVERSE.


Blogger KenHR said...

Amen! You gotta let a man have his vision!

You're entirely right, of course. The rulebooks invite you to change whatever you want in order to make your game the game you want. And you know exactly what you want from your game. That's what it's all about.

I look at expansion books as buffet spreads from which you pick and choose what you want, not as monolithic slabs of text you're forced to choke down in one gulp. True, an autocannon will shred just about any PC without military grade equipment, but some people just have to know what that stuff can do. I can dig that; SL made me something of WW2 gearhead for a long time.

But yeah, on the whole, the stuff that's in the Ironmongery chapter of book 4 isn't going to show up too often. It's the same for the majority of the other books: the Lightning-class Cruiser probably won't take an interest in a dinky 100T scout courier. Books 1, 2 and 3 are pretty much the main course, all you need, really. The rest is just garnish. And just like in the real world, if you throw everything into the pot, the result will more than likely taste like $#!+. :)

A long way around saying GO FOR IT!

6:25 PM  
Blogger KenHR said...

PS: gimme another day or two for the Merch Prince stuff

7:21 PM  

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