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There's the basic idea that 8+ on your roll indicates a success; +/- mods for ease or difficulty, + skills.

But then there's different little snippety angles on a lot of the skills.

Some of them make sense in their own context (bribery pertaining to law levels, etcetera.) But in general, the variations make it a little awkward sometimes.

There's the whole UTP business, was it DGP then MegaTraveller that sorts a lot of that out. But even that's a little persnickety for me.

So here it is:
Unless otherwise stated or if we just don't feel like checking, Basic 8+ on 2D for success

+skill level
+relevant attribute/5, rounding down
-3 if difficult, or - whatever I darn well think is appropriate.
If "taking time and doing it right" is an option, plus whatever.
Any mishaps due to failure get roleplayed out.

Anything all that routine doesn't require a roll. There will be no "Shoe Shop" adventure IMTU (1-6 customers/day, roll 7+ for each to buy a pair of shoes.)


Blogger KenHR said...

Heheh..."shoe shop." Please tell me that's just you being facetious. I've known people who've done such things, though.

Have you checked out Paul Elliot's task system? It's what I'm intending to use for my game, and is pretty much the simplest universal task system for CT I've found:

11:33 AM  
Blogger Omer Golan said...

Feel free to check out the UGM ("Universal Game Mechanic") system that WJP/Comminique has created and that I've formatted and added to:

1:06 PM  

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