Friday, June 02, 2006

More On Missiles, Ship Combat


Misinterpretations re SS3, maybe not scratching it after all?

The balance is that the tables seem to be right, after all; one of the EQs was wrong. I've got a spreadsheet program that works to build missiles that makes sense, pretty much, and so for missile design at least in the background I think I can use it after all. (find it at ctstarships,files section)

I ran a smoke test, using hex based book 2 movement at a starting range of about 600,000km, between two patrol cruisers. Each packed missiles that could go 6G 36, or 6 G's for 6 rounds at full acceleration. I did *not* use SS3 damage calculation: I went with straight book 2 for that, because I wasn't concerned with that aspect of SS3, more trying to figure what Book 2 combat worked like with missiles that were moderately speedy. Now, the calculator makes a working 6G36 discretionary-burn, mass-sensing missile for somewhere in the vicinity of cr.10,000. The "standard" cr.5000 missile cost can buy something similar with less range: 4G12, which I'll experiment with next.

I found that at that range, and those fast velocities, basically any missile fired should intercept, and only antimissile countermeasures should make a difference. The two ships pummeled each other: one had a hotshot gunner on one turret, and was able to do a little extreme range potshotting which had some effect; the other had to try to close to less than 500,000 in order to use lasers at all. The presence of laser fire kept ship velocities down somewhat, to 3G overall until hits started scoring.
I experimented with missile spreads, having missiles not automatically homing directly towards the target but trying to anticipate future positions somewhat, and the only missiles that missed were ones that I'd futzed with. The ships just pummelled each other; both lost maneuver drives to critical hits; both had their power plants and jumps whittled down. Both suffered many hull hits. So the two fought basically to a standstill; one lost its ship's boat, the other launched its own and that's where it sits now. Both ships are dead in the water, coasting with maneuver destroyed. One has jump destroyed: the other has jump and power damage but can still leave the system, so I *guess* it'll win on those grounds.

No crew casualties, assuming that entering combat, military crews are already suited up. I'm thinking that's not right: literally DOZENS of hits, some by missiles, and not a soul is hurt? I think I'm going to include MAYDAY's casualty system or something like it: if there's a turret hit, its gunner may be liable to take damage. if there's a drive hit, engineering crew on station should be liable. Hull hits might well involve a number of crew - I'd think computer hits would involve some risk to bridge crew: they're right next door. I think a 9+ to avoid injury should do it: 3D+4 hits sounds about right. Perhaps a positive demo for vacc suit skill if suited up...

I've got another idea in mind though... see next post.


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