Thursday, June 26, 2008

More on the Festrian Frontier

In the broad expanses of the Old Empire, there are some few pockets of interstellar civilization. The nine subsectors, of which Festeria is the center, is the largest known - to Fester, anyway. Beyond that is the Frontier.

You can't entirely count on the Scouts to inform you about the Frontier. It is understood that the Scouts range far, far beyond this and that they do have a general understanding of areas distant from the vicinity, but individual Scouts seldom themselves have more than a general idea about this: while their field of operations is inconceivably broad, their modus operandi is necessarily very local: it is not unusual for DD Scouts to be sent to reforge contacts with other Scout bases that have fallen out of touch. So discovery of "what's in the frontier" isn't a matter of going to your local Scout base and tugging on coats, although that helps.

The Navy knows a thing or two about the Frontier, but since that's an Active Field of Military Operations, they won't tell you a thing. And local Navvies won't necessarily know much: the Frontier Fleet goes out and stays out, with only occasional contact coming back: Festrian Fast Cruisers keeping to the deep and only stopping at military bases. And the Black Ships...

Merchants won't help you either. As I've noted, Merchanting in the frontier is risky business on a par with anything the Scouts do, and the only thing that makes it worthwhile is the fact that there's less competition, and fewer holds barred when there is competition.


There are fewer big governments out there, in the Frontier. The little pocket empires that buffer Festeria on several flanks developed along with her, like siblings, and though they don't always get along there's seldom outright war (a recent dust-up between the duchies of Wisbeck and Berlings notwithstanding.) But out beyond, there's very little in the way of large interstellar government.

It can be taken as understood that the action of the Navies of the Festrian Empire and her neighbors may have something to do with this state of affairs, although Scout accusations of deliberate destabilization on the part of the Navy are always vehemently denied.


Blogger Omer Golan said...

The way you've written that post, it seems that the various services are hiding something, maybe something big, on the frontier - an alien threat (squill?) perhaps?

5:25 AM  
Blogger Festeria said...


The Scouts? Probably not. Not on a local level anyway. Mostly.

The merchants are always hiding stuff - they're each in it for themselves...

The Navy? They're totally hiding things. Oh yes. At the very least, they hide what they do, and where they are.

But there's lots of room for Great Mysteries here.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Omer Golan said...

The things the Navy is hiding are probably worth detailing - mysteries attract players like light attracts flies, and you'll be liable to have them trying to investigate into this unknown in short order (which is a good thing - lots of plot hooks here).

8:11 AM  

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