Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Captcha Words As Adventure Seeds

Ha. My Captcha word of the day:


n, slang. a Temple of the Priestess-Seers of Callipygia, Fertility Goddess of Voluptuon-9.

Voluptuon-9 is that rarest of creatures: a world governed by a demanding, all-pervasive religious dictatorship that nevertheless enjoys active - one might say
vigorous - intercourse with the interstellar community. True to form, the laws of the world are extremely restrictive.
No offworlder is permitted on Voluption soil unless intending to receive the blessing of the temple hierarchy, and the Faithful will have nothing to do with offworlders who have not been so blessed. And yet, Voluptuon's high port is one of the busiest in the subsector, and trade between Voluptuon and its neighboring systems is brisk.

Visitors wishing to conduct business on V-9 are advised that petitioners to the Priestess Seers are expected to show up at the temple the night before, in order to propitiate The Goddess. Further recommendations are that petitioners be in good health, have no heart conditions, and harbor no social or religious compunctions that would conflict with the necessary temple rites. Travellers are strongly advised to avoid the world during its bi-annual solstice rites (see entry 141.0103V9.b, "Eunuch Priests of Voluptuon 8").

Unlike most locally based religions, the cult of Callipygia has gained adherents from as far as a sector from its native world.
Offworld opinion generally agrees that the Priestess-Seers don't really see the future, but offworld opinion also generally agrees that this is entirely beside the point.


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