Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hit Or Missile II

So, generally when I'm playing vector combat, it's using the Mayday board - but at Book 2 scales and book 2 damage rules. (each hex 10000k, each turn 1000 seconds, 1G results in 1 hex vector change.) The book 2 and SS3 movement rules don't precisely match, partially because of how the hexes, er, quantize the movement. 

Maybe a happy medium for Mayday would be this:

Continuous burn: Uses max fuel until fuel is gone. Course changes permitted.
So 6G6 accelerates once at 6G then coasts; 3G6 accelerates twice at 3G with a course change in the middle.

Limited burn: Can be set from lowest to highest g, will use that acceleration until fuel expended. Course changes permitted but acceleration remains constant.
So Limited burn 3G6 can go 1G 6 times, or 2G 3 times, or 3G twice; but it can't switch up or coast between burns

Discretionary burn: Can do whatever until fuel is gone: 6G6 might go 1 G1 burn, then a 5G burn, with a coast period between, or a 3G burn with 3 1G corrections thereafter. That would make the 6G12 make sense.

Need to experiment with this more. 

Now, in SS3/Book 2, missiles that intercept the target (within 25mm, or 2500 km) are assumed to home in and impact with the target, possibly doing kinetic damage above and beyond the dice for the basic explosion.

If I recall correctly, in order to intercept in Mayday, the missile's "present position" has to end up sharing a hex with the "present position" of the target. Crossing over isn't enough. So there's no real benefit to having a continuous burn missile with a high G, you'll just overshoot your target. That's pretty likely even with a continuous burn of 1G. 

A thought:
Perhaps this is a good place to insert a player-character, in mayday-style missile combat. If a missile's vector intersects with - but does not end in - a target's hex, then the gunner's skill can be applied to adjust the missile vector to achieve the intercept.

Either shorten the intersecting vector by a number up to the gunner's skill
roll 8+ to intercept, minus the number of hexes overshot, plus gunner skill.

How does that play?


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