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ADVENTURE POSTS: The Nidrisi 'Back

The State Of Affairs:

Date: 156, year 215 Festrian Reckoning (65th year of the glorious reign of Fester III)

Nidris/Staeanger 0402 B 251389 – 9 Nonindustrial, Poor. Scout base present; Gas giant present. Population in the thousands; perhaps four-five thousand in Town, unknown number of 'Backers.

The Stranded Travellers have been offered high passage offworld and possible future employment if they can arrange a precious metals/gems/shinystuff transaction, outside the starport on Nidris, and outside established trade channels in the 'Port. Their current patron, Captain Sander Thoennes of the Yacht Hamsir, has provided documents indicating the party's affiliation with the local militia (with whom Hamsir is currently serving.

The party has made contact with a 'Backer, Dul'la, who has asked they meet him again in two days, in order to negotiate further trade. During the meet, they purchased some cr.100 worth of gold dust and an uncut stone, kicking in an additional cr.50 as a promise of good faith.

Richard Joseph ("Ricky Joe") Cayn. Navy 6A4943 Age 26 2 terms Cr6000
Fwd Obsvr-1, Gunnery-1, Rifle-1
1 High Passage

Gernoff Odie. Retired Army Lieutenant, 3BA675
Age 22 (1 term), 16,000 Cr
Rifle-1, SMG-1, Tactics-1, Electronics-1, Gambling-1

Paavo Leminkainen. Merchant 4th Officer 4797A8 Age 26 2 Terms Cr 1000
Gunnery-1, Jack-o-T-2, Streetwise-1
Blade, Low Passage

Sira Ouu. Other 684945 Age 26 2 Terms Cr 1000
Blade Combat-1, Brawling-1, Bribery-1
High Passage


1) Whoever's handling the party kitty, deduct cr.500 for living expenses to cover the time you're spending in town. If it gets extended I'll hit you for more.

2) hash out what gear you want to start laying hands on. Anything out of book 1 or 3 available at tech 9 or less is available for purchase in small amounts. I'm handwaving that Paavo is able to get a line on weapons: the seller is able to offer from the following selection:

2 rifles (cr.800 each)
1 pistol (cr.1000)
2 revolvers (cr. 750 each)
daggers available at cr 20
Blades available at cr 100.

Small daggers are available on the open market (-1 to hit for small reach), but still cannot be carried legally.

The seller has five full clips of ammunition for the rifles (cr 40 each), and two for the pistol (cr.20). He's got ten boxes of bullets (6 bullets each, cr.10 per box for the revolvers.

(It's hard to get weapons here; the risk involved inflates the price dramatically. Apart from the price differential, these are identical to what's found in book 1)

If there's anything else you want, let me know and I'll tell you if you find it.


Anonymous Gernoff Odie said...

It is absurdly late now, so I can't spend more time with my response. Either Thursday night, or definitely Friday, I will post more. But, my thinking is to buy all of the projectile weapons and ammo (I got Cr 4440). However, I have some questions I would like to ask (which will have to wait) before I would like to commit to purchasing them. I think Ricky Joe and myself would make the best use of the rifles (we have Rifle-1 and advantageous dexterity DM's). We can decide who gets the revolvers and the pistol (although I am the only person with the advantageous dexterity DM, hint, hint). As far as the daggers and blades, daggers do not add to overall carried weight, are easy to hide, and are sharp and shiny (and nice to sleep with). I would recommend everyone have one (and perhaps another in their boot). I would recommend blades for Ricky Joe and Danii: Danii has the skill, and neither has the disadvantageous strength DM. Paavo has one already. I would like to see an SMG and some dynamite (mining?), but I doubt we want to ask around for it. Thoughts on whether to "acquire" them?

With regard to the party's kitty, we should discuss how this is going to work. I clearly have the most liquid assets, but Ricky Joe does have some. And, I saw Danii has a High Passage ticket that could be redeemed for Cr 8,000, I think. And, Paavo has a low passage ticket (redeemable for Cr 800, I think). In other words, I don't have to be Daddy Warbucks, and if I am, I want to be compensated (and then some) in the end.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ricky Joe would definitely go in for a rifle and ammo, and probably also a couple of concealables (revolver or pistol, whichever's smaller, and a dagger). Got some credits to spend, sure; but holding onto his own High Passage for the moment.

-- Fred

7:53 AM  
Blogger MTU: The Festrian Empire said...

With regard to stuff like the SMG, your sense of things is that you'd have to try to make a contact with one of the ships in port to have a shot at something like that, and that the Militia ships would, by and large, not be likely to reduce their advantages that way as a rule.

Mining explosives, in fact everything to do with the mines, appears to be highly regulated. Obtaining explosives illegally will be difficult. Attempting to obtain them legally would draw an awful lot of attention, and take time. Especially since you're SCULPTORS.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Gernoff Odie said...

Hell's bells, everyone else has paid passage off this hell hole? If this mission fails, I need to have a reserve fund to pay for at least Middle Passage off-world, which makes me significantly poorer.

Ricky Joe, unfortunately, our esteemed referee has limited the firearms. The way I see it: the revolvers go to Paavo and Danii (who don't look like they could shoot a starship cargo door at point-blank range), and we get a rifle each (which I think is obvious given our skills and abilities), then we have the pistol left to haggle over. I would be willing to alternate use of the pistol, depending on who is up close with the bad guys (and then maybe leaving the second rifle loaded with the other to facilitate sustained cover-fire from a distance, a la the old west).

But, I think we have to plan the arms purchasing a little more. In particular, I want to clarify (from James) whether our gun permits allow us to carry them outside of the starport and into the town and beyond. I am not clear on this. If not, we need to smuggle them out. Or, preferably, buy them outside the town limits. Or, I have another idea, but it would be more involved and likely received with no interest by the party who must do it. (My thought is to have our patron drop some of the essentials in an escape pod from orbit, and use your Forward Observing skill, and our radios?, to locate them.)

James: Paavo has a wish list that we came up with. I don't remember everything, but there were things like cloth armour for all (how hot is this place?), cold light lanterns and/or electric torches, layman's med-kit, tarps and/or tents, rations, shovels, canvas bags, and the mules. I know I would like to get an inertial locator (or at least a compass), binoculars and telescopic sites (preferably with additional IR and/or night vision). Any problems finding this stuff?

So, a question to James: what do our permits allow? And, to the others, if there is a problem, what to do to get them out of the town?

10:20 AM  
Blogger Gernoff Odie said...

[I created a BlogSpot user for Gernoff Odie:

Nothing there now, except my stats. My posts should now genuinely come from Gernoff.]

10:30 AM  
Blogger MTU: The Festrian Empire said...

Your documents aren't weapons permits, per se: they indicate your affiliation with a ship of the militia, which the patron said would assist in dealing with scrutiny in passing through security. Open passage of arms through security still seems a bad idea.

As one might expect of a world with a thin atmosphere, temperatures go to extremes: In the current season this means very hot days and very cold nights. The 'Backers seem to get by with clothing of their own manufacture: the supply stores seem to have a lot in the way of "cold/hot weather gear" that goes highly recommended. Tactical note: it's HIGHLY reflective.

Cloth armor's available, but seriously hot for the daytime, and might raise eyebrows if you're just walking around kitted up like that.

The other stuff, cold light lanterns and/or electric torches, layman's med-kit, tarps and/or tents, rations, shovels, canvas bags, inertial locator can and binoculars can all be had at book 3 cost.

Rifle sights aren't readily available, and you're not so sure how easy it'll be to match one up to the rifles you've laid hands on.

The whole escape pod plan would have to be roleplayed out.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gernoff: I'm fine with both your breakdown of who gets which boomsticks, and your drop-stuff-from-orbit plan (assuming everyone else is).


7:20 AM  

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