Thursday, September 30, 2010

MORE Shippy Stuff

(It's probably  just as well to leave inertial compensation and shipboard gravity in, and if one's going to go that far, might as well leave Contra Grav as well, considering the AG and IC as part of the cost of staterooms and bridge, and considering the CG to be part of the drive tonnage. It saves a lot of fuss.)

That said:

But what if! What if there's no artificial gravity, no inertial compensation? 

Sure, you've explicitly got ContraGrav, in the Air/Raft and the G-Carrier. But they're mighty expensive: the air raft's a cr. 600,000 flyabout at 4 tons! Shouldn't shipwide CG cost more? Indeed, when your ship gets hit, shouldn't there be a chance the inertial comp will fail?
(Though maybe that's what causes the Crew criticals...)

If you're going to be accelerating at more than 1G, and you're human, well, you can't do it forever. If you're going at 2Gs, you can't do it forever; it's very uncomfortable, and eventually will hurt or kill you. The following link is baffling and scienc-y, but it seems to put a human limit of something like 20 minutes for sustained 4G, 60 minutes for sustained 3G. I didn't immediately see anything for 5 and 6Gs, but it'll be less than a 1000 second combat round, for sure.

Maybe to rough it out:
1G - indefinite
2G - Lots, but maybe an END roll?
3G - 3 combat rounds
4G - 1 combat round
5G - NO? Or some sort of high END roll to continue?
6G - NO? Or some sort of REALLY high END roll to continue?

It makes large 1G ships make a little more sense.


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