Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a nice day for a white wedding. It's a nice day to start again.

So, as I gradually attempt to sell off the books I don't use, I've been thinking a bit more about those that I do intend to use, and what with.

Having been through the whole Festrian setting a fair bit, I'm interested in maybe going small focus again: not so broad and sweeping, but more adventure level.

The setting: Again, nine subsectors: worlds of the Old Empire.

This time, the Old Empire hasn't disappeared; it's just very overspread, remote, and its direct influence is minimal. Local worlds owe fealty to the Emperor, but are more or less left to their own devices as long as taxes are paid.

Local elements of the Imperial navy will be relatively small-ship based: the big ship Imperial navy is reserved for Deus Ex Machina maneuvers.

Scouts are Imperial, rather than independent.

The object is, somewhat counter-intuitively, to keep things small. If there's a big Imperium, then there aren't big pocket empires waging major campaigns for the PCs to get swept up in: if the biggest local polity is a world,  with the Imperial nobility hanging above, then there's more room for small-scale cloak and dagger stuff.

In all, closer to the 3I, but less hands-on than the OTU generally got to be - with the exception that while worlds will have some independence, there won't really be pocket empires: there'll be some captive governments to be sure, but anything on a grand scale is the sort of thing the Imperium won't like.

The focus should be initially on the subsector the adventurers will start out in, and in particular, on the cluster of worlds they'll be likely to explore first.

SO: first order of business: build me a subsector.
Next, sketch out political relationships between worlds, and local trade patterns.
Third, pick a good world for the adventurers to start from - one equally ripe for spacer or groundhog adventures, and one where there's enough potential for political intrigue for that sort of adventure.
Then? Maybe start work on adventure threads to cover possibilities:
  1. Traditional impoverished guns-for hire?
  2. Traditional impoverished starship captain & crew?
  3. Something vaguely mercenary-ish?
  4. High corporate skulduggery?
  5. High political skulduggery?
  6. High society - any nobs in the party?
  7. Imperial Entanglements?


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