Monday, October 05, 2015


So on the ONE hand, I'm running (well, walking) a game via using Classic Traveller, with combat using an adapted Mayday and Snapshot thus far. Good fun.

On the other, I've begun digesting the new ruleset: Traveller5.

It's a tough read! It's a big, dense book, and it's sometimes hard to divine Mr. Miller's intent with it. But there's a lot of good there.

It's hard for me to get around the multitude of skills a basic character tends to rack up. The new task resolution system seems to play well with that, so okay, but it's new.

I note he's nerfed the "survival roll" and, alas, there's gaps that I'm not sure how he'll fill regarding fuel and so on. But it's good to see he's got his hand in - and I imagine I'll go ahead and buy the next edition when it appears.

In the meantime, I'm trying to learn enough of the system to play the trading game solitaire and get a feel.

As I'm looking at the shipbuilding rules, I'm tickled that it's possible to cut corners in that process. Once I've got a grip on a plain-jane free trader, I'm going to give a shot at seeing just how cheaply a 200 ton merchant can be built. I'm picturing an unstreamlined box of a ship, cramped and undergunned and undercrewed, made to carry cargo from highport to highport as cheaply as possible. The most unglamorous starship possible.

Maybe, one day, I'll spring it on my players. We'll see!


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