Monday, March 21, 2011

More Solitaire Fun, More Selling Fun

So, I've been cobbling together a few subsectors following my new directives; and since I'm doing the world generation by hand, I figure I might as well get a little adventuring going on. Planned on running a scout & merchant operation, but then lucked out with a ship-owning merchant captain and decided to do the trading game while rolling worlds. So far so good; there's a few little clusters of safe-ish, moderately prosperous worlds to serve as a "cradle" until I can get the ship upgunned.

Now, I've been selling a lot of my ancillary books: my supplements, books 6-8, my adventures and so on. And I figured I really can't get away with selling my copies of books 4 and 5; they're a little too raggedy for it to be worth it, since there are better copies on the market - and when I think back, as a kid, I never had much beef with either book in the way that I did with the later ones.

So when I DO up-gun this here free trader, I'm thinking I migh follow High Guard rules, and I'll use High Guard combat. It makes a difference: Poor little thing only has 2 EP: in LBB2, you can pack six beam lasers in those two turrets. Book 2 only allows for a pair. I'm thinking in terms of a double beam turret and a triple sandcaster.

On the other hand, one doesn't have to spend so much on computer programs...


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