Monday, July 27, 2015

Back In The Saddle Redux The Returnation

I'm planning another game. It might happen.

Oddly, I'm less tempted to go back to what I've made, and more interested in building something fresh, small. Enough detail to engage - myself, at least - but narrow enough scope that I won't end up pissed if things don't get off the ground.


So, a small sandbox: one subsector, possibly two; might even see what J-1 main comes up and then shift that to be centered on one subsector, for focus.

Sticking with LBB123, but I'm planning on offering the option for High Guard combat over LBB2 if it proves to be an issue. 

If I go with High Guard, I'll be dispensing with the book 2 computer system as well. 

This has led me to have some thoughts on how Navigation skill might replace the Generate program in a way that does NOT replace the jump-tape. (Jump tapes are safe; drawing up a jump plan on the fly is not - for most solo navigators. If you have time, it's safer; if you have more than one navigator working together, it's safer... etcetera.)

 I'm still working within the main idea of the Festrian empire: an old collapsed empire having spread humanity, with a new empire expanding in the ashes. 

The action will take place on a few worlds on the fringes of the new empire.