Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ADVENTURE POSTS: The Nidrisi 'Back

The State Of Affairs:

Date: 156, year 215 Festrian Reckoning (65th year of the glorious reign of Fester III)

Nidris/Staeanger 0402 B 251389 – 9 Nonindustrial, Poor. Scout base present; Gas giant present. Population in the thousands; perhaps four-five thousand in Town, unknown number of 'Backers.

The Stranded Travellers have been offered high passage offworld and possible future employment if they can arrange a precious metals/gems/shinystuff transaction, outside the starport on Nidris, and outside established trade channels in the 'Port. Their current patron, Captain Sander Thoennes of the Yacht Hamsir, has provided documents indicating the party's affiliation with the local militia (with whom Hamsir is currently serving.

The party has made contact with a 'Backer, Dul'la, who has asked they meet him again in two days, in order to negotiate further trade. During the meet, they purchased some cr.100 worth of gold dust and an uncut stone, kicking in an additional cr.50 as a promise of good faith.

Richard Joseph ("Ricky Joe") Cayn. Navy 6A4943 Age 26 2 terms Cr6000
Fwd Obsvr-1, Gunnery-1, Rifle-1
1 High Passage

Gernoff Odie. Retired Army Lieutenant, 3BA675
Age 22 (1 term), 16,000 Cr
Rifle-1, SMG-1, Tactics-1, Electronics-1, Gambling-1

Paavo Leminkainen. Merchant 4th Officer 4797A8 Age 26 2 Terms Cr 1000
Gunnery-1, Jack-o-T-2, Streetwise-1
Blade, Low Passage

Sira Ouu. Other 684945 Age 26 2 Terms Cr 1000
Blade Combat-1, Brawling-1, Bribery-1
High Passage


1) Whoever's handling the party kitty, deduct cr.500 for living expenses to cover the time you're spending in town. If it gets extended I'll hit you for more.

2) hash out what gear you want to start laying hands on. Anything out of book 1 or 3 available at tech 9 or less is available for purchase in small amounts. I'm handwaving that Paavo is able to get a line on weapons: the seller is able to offer from the following selection:

2 rifles (cr.800 each)
1 pistol (cr.1000)
2 revolvers (cr. 750 each)
daggers available at cr 20
Blades available at cr 100.

Small daggers are available on the open market (-1 to hit for small reach), but still cannot be carried legally.

The seller has five full clips of ammunition for the rifles (cr 40 each), and two for the pistol (cr.20). He's got ten boxes of bullets (6 bullets each, cr.10 per box for the revolvers.

(It's hard to get weapons here; the risk involved inflates the price dramatically. Apart from the price differential, these are identical to what's found in book 1)

If there's anything else you want, let me know and I'll tell you if you find it.